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does ur mind have the same questions as mine?

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I was very happy go lucky girl uptil sometime before.......suddenly i faced lots of responsibilties and loneliness..........because of which the whole course of depression started.

Now to add to it I have allso started to think
Who am i?
what everthing is an illuison?
what is the meaning of life?
whats going on infront of my eyes?
and lots more

i dont have the answers
i searched the web but differnetr people have differnet answers and explanations...........
i just want to expereiencE REALITY again...........
plz help
want to be normal again
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i dont no whther its because of the questions i have the dp, or because of the dp i have the questions.
theyre like an added curse ontop of this lovely sandwich of foggy reality. However, i have realised, that, for me at least, they come in phases. at one point i was completely focuse on lonliness, i felt so ultimately alone, this passed, more naturally then anything else, i still feel lonley, but i dont think about it as much. Instead, my brain moves on to the next question, am i in a truman show like reality? what is the meaning of all this? there are just to many questions in there to write down.
I dont understand why we get them, but on my better days, of which are few, but when the happen i realise that i believe that this is reality and the questions fade into the background.
This is the curse of the dp, it makes you over think, you constatnly question and it overloads into this mass of questions that you simply cannot manage all in one massive go, its a life long journey, and even then you never stop questioning.
good luck my friend, i promise they will lessen with time.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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