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Does this stop?

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I'm basically over the physical symptoms of dpdr but I feel like I ruminated so much about myself and the universe and existence etc and I'll never come back from that or quite feel like I'm 100% real. And I feel so scared when I think about how we exist etc and when I do it just sends me on a downward spiral again. Will I ever feel real again? Will I ever be comfortable with existing again? C
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Sure you will, with time, once you brain return to normal neuro-chemical process, just be patient.
I've had this thing for about 2 and a half years now, I've been patient enough.
And when you don't feel anything at all you're doomed? I can't feel anxiety anymore..
I know this was a month ago, but I just wanted to reply.

For the longest time I felt emotionally numb and it was one of the worst things. It was so bad that, like you, I was even wishing for anxiety just so I could feel SOMETHING.

I cannot say what helped me get over this, I really don't remember, but just know that I did. I just accepted that it was how I felt (or didn't feel, in this case) and that I couldn't do anything about it. I just continued doing normal things and eventually I guess I just slowly started to feel again. Try not to despair, I know it's truly awful, but believing you'll never get better really does make it worse.

Lastly: we're human, it's impossible for us to go through life unfeeling. It's just your body being under so much stress and having too many emotions that it finally goes "right! I'm feeling too much and I can't handle it anymore, so I'm just not gonna feel anything!" Be patient cause it will pass. Take it from someone who has been through it!
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