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Sorry I'm not sure what to call this. This happens usually every at school or home...I get really really hyper and I just get really annoying and feel like everythings great and nothing makes me mad or anything. And then all the sudden after about 15 minutes of just getting hyper I get really really depressed. it's more like an anxiety/depression. It's kind of scary because I know I'm not bipolar...and that kinda sounds like a symptom of it? I don't know, I don't know what it is. It dosen't happen everyday but probably more than once a week. Does this happen to anyone else and do you know what exactly it is? thanks


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I have to reach waaaaay back for this Lauren, but it may be a feature of your age. I seem to remember reaching peaks and valleys emotionally over a span of minutes.

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I used to have the same symptom and it is not bipolar.
If it is related to depression, it is just normal depression.

It strikes when you have had enough pain (emotionally or mental) and you automatically shut the pain off. Or the circumstances allowed you to "forget", that is to blind out the pain. Then for a short time nothing is obviously putting pressure on you and you are like "what am I worried about?"

This "question" (or implicit state) immediately leads to the answer: all the things you do worry about but you have just gotten away from them in your mind. And suddenly all the pressure erupts as an "answer" and you are down again.

So this all is "just" normal depression (or not even depression but a lot of distress in your life) and you are trying to cope. So the hyper phase is just depression knocking at the door that was closed for a short period of time. And the depression knows how to open the door and voila, youre down again.

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Lauren, I'm sorry you have to feel anxiety/depression too in this way. The way you are feeling it - first 15 minutes good emotions, and after that a sudden crash into anxiety/depression, it feels familiar to me too. I think I (not I, but the fellow dpselfhelp-member :roll: ) must be right in this issue, and wonder if it is the same thing bothering me too? I sometimes feel very confident about school, and think it is no big deal to pass even those difficult courses, but the confident feeling never lasts very long. Also when I have been swimming in cold water, e.g. in the hole in the ice during wintertime - first it gives me to feel very good afterwards, due to the natural endorphins in my brain. But after about two minutes of wonderful feeling, almost always "the crash" happens, and I feel really, REALLY anxious. Actually I never feel any anxiety normally, not that bad, but just after I have been swimming in the hole in the ice and get that endorphin-induced good feeling. What do you think, might it be that endorphins give me feel more freely than usually, and that's why my hidden anxiety is felt more intensely in that kind of situations? At least this is my guess...

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Chances are that it stems from a morbid fear of the Unknown.

We get into a very "black and white' kind of thinking once we develop symptoms. We are petrified of the unknown (probably always were, long before symtpoms showed themselves) and we swing from one extreme to another in an effort to "KNOW" before we can be surprised.

The first good feeling/thought makes us GRAB at it in a life and death voracity = "see?? this is all going to be fine now! I am past the fear, it's OVER. All the negative is gone"


The first bad feeling/thoughts makes us plummet into despair "no, nothing is meaningful, I'm hopeless, pitiful, desperate and nothing will ever change."

THat way, ripping the good away from ourselves at the first small bad feeling, we prevent "hope" and by preventing hope we prevent "the surprise of disappointment."

Pathological craving for Control.

Terrror of the Unknown. And bitter refusal to even TRY to be happy in an uncertain world.

And the price for the illusion of control is an inability to feel good unless we can be guaranteed we will always feel that way.

Not bipolar.
Psychological games we play with ourselves.
In the name of false safety.


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Well said Janine---

I get the same way (when i describe it to any dr, they automatically whip out some Lithium!)

It's odd though, there are many times that I will go for up to a day where I feel incredible: not caring about anything, feeling like I'm normal....

When I'm in this state though, I lack the ability to totally enjoy it...I always have a, "this will only last for so long" kind of attitude.

When I feel good, that little thing inside my head starts to beep, telling me to, "snap out of it!" Sorry if that doesn't make sense...basically, I'm trying to say that even when I'm feeling good, I'm always scared of the fact that it won't last----So, in essence, i think myself into panic.
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