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I am pretty sure that I have some dr but I am going to a shrink tommorow and I want to be 100% sure of what I have so I can talk to him about it.

I feel:

-Spaced out, like your very tired
-Sleep does nothing I never feel rested
-I feel so "out of it" and it creates anxiety
-I have a good bit of anxiety
-I feel like this all day
-I have headaches a lot and pressure in my head
-Any kind of light bothers my eyes
-My thinking/memory is slow
-When I turn my head it feels like it takes my eyes/brain a little bit to catch up
-I feel differnt levels of conciousness
-Sometimes things seem odd for a split second like I go "what the heck is that" "that looks odd and these are at normal things
-visually i dont feel right
-It feels like my mind is exhausted and is stressed out a lot.
-Sometimes I just feel so crappy like that I cant find a way to relief this feeling and I look forward to sleep. Like I get into a constant fear and my tennsion is put all the way up and it just is impossible to make myself feel right.

I dont feel however:

-Like I am someone else
-Lost idenity
-Like things arent real (even though my world seems differnt in someways)
-emotionless, I dont feel like i have no emotions I can laugh cry sometimes be happpy but its hard feelign so shitty.

I guess my main problem is I dont feel like I have too many feelings of "thats odd looking" "my world very different" I just experience A LOT OF FEELING OUT OF IT. Where I feel like I have taken a few drinks I guess someone could say. That is really the only feeling that bothers me so much. Just goign through the day and doing things is such a struggle while I feel this way. I just feel like I can only sit infront of the ocmputer and play videogames. Even though I do go out with my friends a lot but my feeling of tiredness/lack of memory/slowness remains.

I am going to go see a doctor tommorow and hopefully he will know about this and I will ask him about those alternatives to benzo/anti-depressent drugs that help. I just would love to have a let up of this spacey feeling its crippling.

Anyway I just want to double check to see im on the same page for tommorow.

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Sounds like you're ready for it. Just open up and describe all your symptoms and feelings and be completely open to what your doc has to say.

I would be wary of benzo's but SSRI's have a pretty good track record. Don't concern yourself so much with an exact diagnosis. You're unhappy with where your life is at, you want it to change. That's the place you need to start from.

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Use the bulletin board's search function and enter any of the following words, "cognitive", "memory", "fog" and you will find that there are many people out there including myself that suffer with symptoms identical to those that you complain of.
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