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I have read many peoples thoughts and comments on their problems and I have noticed that quite a lot of individuals say that the prescribed medication does really you think that it would work for me seeing that my dp is caused by brain injury??

I am getting worried becuase that seems to be the only thing that the psychiatric team want me to do is take pills. I have other problems from the injury but this feeling as if I am not where I should be makes me very homesick, although I am home, although I feel as if I am somewhere else. I wonder if I have fallen into another universe. One that is similar but different. Apart from the frontal lobe epilepsy and wonky vision everything looks flat. Like living in a PS2 game. I even have trouble going to the loo because I am never really sure where I really am...if I could take something I would but some of these drugs seem problematic and I dont want any other symptoms.......

hey, i had dp/dr before my tle seizures started due to an ssri...I think you will find a med/combo that ends up workin...there's always the issue of dosage/side affects and that but they can help. I hate the 2d stuff....sometimes mines more like animations/or dreamy spaceyness :S
hope you find something that can help
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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