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Hello, I'm 17,When I was 16 In 2017 around 17 november I got DP/DR from Marijuana , I was feeling Disconnected from myself and from reality aswell,Observing myself, I got cured after 2 months, Eating Healthy, Going out with some chicks and watching some motivation movies, Listening to Songs, Taking Vitamins and some meds, and I made it, It felt so good I was just watching TV and felt I was out of DP/DR but I was moving really slow , It felt like I came out from hell I don't had enough energy to do anything but It just came byitself and i was living happy life, So now I think I got overtired because I had lastbell , We went to our friends house after that and My classmates got Weed and I felt comfortable doing it , It didn't do anything I was even more sober but then , It just made me feel good, I was listening to Music and just felt happy but When I came home I started to Looking up forums of my past and I found something about Drugs LSD and what does it cause, I was curious what people feel when trying it out for the first time, So then i saw that it can cause HPDD and When i looked at walls it was really similliar to the Visual Snow gif , I got scared and start getting nervous and got some anxiety, bad feeling in heart, suicidal thoughts and many more but I don't have HPDD, I just have Visual Snow, I can't see colors of those small tiny dots, When i try to concentrate on something it's not that disturbive but they are still there, When I'm at TV, or PC , or Phone it's like not there but if i think about it i can barely see them, in dark room it's.. it's just hell in dark room , I have feeling that I had it periodically but it was fading, When i'm trying to feel if i'm connected to the world i have feeling that i have derealization but not DP or maybe they weren't that much like it is now and it just got noticeable now,And maybe I was just ignoring it, I'm still eating some veggies, taking Glycine, Mexidol(Emoxypine), I've read that it's permanent and It just makes me even more anxious when most of people say it never goes away and watching so many forums, Man i just can't take it , It makes me scary and I think of it all the time because everywhere I look it's there, I'm trying to be on Positive mood, Try to be optimistic but I just want to come back to forums again and again, I had little brain concussion in 3 may but it didn't have any bad effects,Nothing on Tomography, No damage in brain, I recovered completely from facial bruise and red eyes, I still got some blood near my eye pupil, I know I did stupid thing smoking it again, I went through so many pain and I'm a little pessimistic about life, I was at neuropathologist, I explained that I think I'm having a Visual Snow, I don't actually think he knows what it is he said it could be another thing.. He recommended me to get Glycine and Mexidol and Zoloft aswell , I don't feel comfortable using Zoloft because I feel It will make my Visual Snow Worse,I'm gonna start eating Anti-Inflammation food and get some Eye drops of it, I've found relief video and it didn't help me it was same tbh, Should I have some Hope of my VS that it will fade? Thanks in Advance. :)
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