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Does Hypnosis Work?

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Has anyone tried being hypnotized out of dp?
Thank you
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I've tried hypnosis for the purpose of recovering repressed memories (didn't work) and really, I found hypnosis itself to be a dp-type state. I've read quite a few things talking about how meditation can increase dp symptoms, and what is meditation but self-hypnosis?
I do agree that it could help with anxiety (as does meditation) but I don't think it would help with dp at all, and could potentially make it worse.
1A said:
It is widely accepted that DP/DR is a result/symptom of chronic anxiety disorders -- a defense mechanism if you will.

Therefore, if hypnosis alleviates symptoms of anxiety, as is suggested, hypnosis also would have the possibility to alleviate DP/DR (as DP/DR is kept alive thanks to an unrelenting anxiety disorder).

Furthermore, if the mind/body is unable to experience anxiety, can the mind/body expererience DP/DR? Or must an (underlying) anxiety disorder be present in order for DP/DR to exist/persist?
I dunno the science, but I know there are times that I have experienced DP sans anxiety. When that happens, I just feel like I'm high. And I like the sensation, as long as I'm not anxious about it.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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