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Does Genesis of DPDR Matter in Terms of What Could Retrigger it?

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I alluded to getting a better and seeing this whole fiasco ending soon in a previous post. I still believe that although I get some mild derealization most days (Way down from before).

What I was wondering is does how you got dpdr matter in terms of retriggering it? I am not a pot smoker anymore and probably wont do that for years if I ever do it again. I am really into meditation, however. I have meditated on and off since I was 19 and am 26 now. It has helped me with so many things in my life.

I meditated all fall for 40 minutes a day. What I worry about now is this though: Meditation can be a very dissociative practice. There is even an organization named cheetah house that houses people injured through meditation. A lot of these people now have dpdr. Now meditation has never done this to me, but I feel like I am now very susceptible to triggering dpdr given that I have had an episode.

Does someone who got dpdr through stress still have a vulnerability if they were to smoke pot?
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There is no answer to your question, simply due to lack of research. The safest way would be to refrain from anything that has been connected to depersonalization, including any type of meditation.
Thank you so much! I am meeting with the founder of cheetah house and the head researcher for meditation induced side effects in a few weeks and will report back what I learn.
Don't overestimate meditation. Just do what's right for you. If you have an anxiety spike during meditation that's your mind, and you can decide if you want to avoid meditation as a trigger either preemptively or after the fact. I think whether or not meditation or marijuana will be bad for you depends on your specific brain and life situation.
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