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Hello, I only recently realized I had depersonalizations symptoms. I’m not sure it’s actually that and if it is, can it degenerate? So the symptoms i experienced is this: sometimes in random moments, i feel like i slowly float up while my body continues what’s it’s doing (ex: talking to someone) at first I’m not really aware then boom i realize it and it feels like I teleported back In my body. I also have a hard time recognizing myself in mirrors pictures and such, sometimes when I’m outside i look around and it feel like the scenery is more deep like when you put sunglasses on and lastly sometimes when I walk I become very unaware of my surroundings and don’t feel my legs moving anymore. But again all these comes to an end when I realize it. So please, am I dp? If not, is what I’m feeling unusual and sign of medical problems or such? Thanks
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