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Does DP/DR matter?

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Let's assume you have the symptoms association with DP/DR. Most of us here are quite aware of what they are so let's not delve into the definition. Now apart from fear and anxiety, what is exactly wrong with the reality-altered-like symptoms of DP/DR? It seems to me the debilitating factors are not the symptoms of DP/DR, but rather anxiety and fear.
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nice post
JAG said:

nice post
Agreed. Echo some of my sentiments exactly -- about my life, my future, and the sort of "burning out" over 30 years of the "terror" of DP/DR.

I must say, my approach has been to "fit in" knowing all the while I have never been able to. And I'm in a place now of hopelessness re: my future. However, what to do, but plod along.

But I have a need to "leave my mark" on the world, or I feel I will have truly never existed.

I will say however, anticipatory anxiety over the simplest things sometimes can bring on BAD DP/DR which still horrifies/terrifies me as much as it did when it first "took over."

Hi SB,

Im just stating my opinion. Like Ive said before, I dont believe every human has dp. Id hate to think of the whole world in mental distress all at one time. Im saying I believe every healthy human being has this ability if certain situations arise. I truly believe dp/dr is nothing more than a healthy product of our FOF response. For whatever reasons, for some of us the response stays turned on. I believe the problem perpetuating the response is unique in each of us. Ive been reading alot about the FOF response and its absolutely fascinating...all of the processes that occur when we "turn it on". Its so complicated that it just makes me feel like there must be somebody behind the curtain.

Dalailama15.. Great, candid and honest post.
But you doubt the 'depression' component in your current condition?
Even though I am a menber of the much lambasted mental health profession, it seems to me that your post reeks of all necessary components for clinical depression...Guilt, low self worth etc.
I also have phobic body odor. Thank you so much for saying I "reek" :)
I once worked in this crappy restaurant on the graveyard shift. The place was robbed on my night off and I heard the story the next night. Some guys had come in with a dog, some pipes or clubs, and had busted some stuff up, terrorized the place a little, and took some money. One of the guys that worked there was a little slow, and he kept interrupting the story, saying that it was illegal. according to the health department, to bring a dog into a restaurant unless he was a seeing eye dog. Yes I'm sure I am frequently depressed to clinical proportions, but it feels like the dog in the restaurant.
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