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Does DP/DR matter?

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Let's assume you have the symptoms association with DP/DR. Most of us here are quite aware of what they are so let's not delve into the definition. Now apart from fear and anxiety, what is exactly wrong with the reality-altered-like symptoms of DP/DR? It seems to me the debilitating factors are not the symptoms of DP/DR, but rather anxiety and fear.
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DP is fear... for me anyways. I honestly dont think it would be possible for me to feel DP without fear/panic. Even if its subconscious worry.. its always there. No DP couldn't exist without worry in my case.. but its impossible to seperate. I have to cure both my fear and DP.. living with just DP is not an option. I will always be afraid.

I see what you are saying with your post.. If we could just NOT be afraid of our altered sense of perception.. it would seem normal, and we would be normal. That is what DP is.. an obsessive fear that something around us has changed. Without the fear there wouldnt have been any DP to begin with.
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