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Ive made a few other posts relating to this as well, and here I am again lol

I got dp/dr almost seven weeks ago, I believe it was caused by a huge panic attack in the midst of a depressive episode, im 16. since then it has gradually worsened. It is definitely related to anxiety to some extent, the symptoms aren't as severe when Im in a calmer, happier state. But after the first week my anxiety was virtually gone for the next few weeks, and I was living my life quite normally. Yet for some reason, it still got worse. Although I will say during that period I still stress ate a lot and thought about it quite a bit, so maybe im underestimating how much that contributed. Now the anxiety and hyper obsessive thoughts are back, which has only accelerated it. So whats going on? Is it gonna get worse forever until my consciousness disintegrates into oblivion? Do I have a degenerative disease? Has anyone else experienced this.?
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