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Hello everybody my name is Tony.

Ive suffered with depersonalization before and now im back however I am also distracting myself by talking to women. Can anybody who is an expert with women teach me some tips. I would highly appreciate the help.

As for my DP story, a long time ago i was good with women naturally. Many people would have said i was charismatic and extremely out going but one day I developed a sort of trauma that would leave me depersonalized for a very long time. This tragedy left me empty inside and I began to become disgusted by humanity. I began to feel humanity was to blame for why I felt this way. So growing up I was disheartened by the idea that depersonalization made me feel like i was living without a soul. This caused my conversations to feel very dull and empty. I was always upset about the idea that I could not feel motions of life in the same way others did. So it took a lot of practice and patience but eventually I made depersonalization manageable and I began getting back into life. Today Im doing fine but I always dream of sleeping with the most beautiful women in my life. Something i find a bit difficult simply because I find dealing with women can sometimes require some sort of genius . I am 23 and to be honest most my life has passed me by. I refuse to let the next couple of years pass me by as well. I am fairly handsome but all obstacles posed by depersonalization have created the greatest challenges i have ever faced in my entire life. Luckily I have surfaced on the greater side and now i just want to be a little happy and find comfort in someone else.
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