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Does anyone suffer from Thanatophobia?

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Hi, I suffer from Thanatophobia (the fear of death/dying) and sometimes when I think to hard about it I'll get panic attacks, and one of them recently caused me to start suffering from depersonaliztion. I don't feel like anything is real anymore and my sense of physical touch is all wonky. I also am starting to feel like I'm only alive when I'm dreaming and I was just wondering if anyone had similar things going on. Thanks
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Also CBT therapy or EMDR therapy might be help you to work past this phobia. Might be something to look into if you are interested ☺
Thank you for replying I appreciate it, the anxiety is slowly starting to fade away the more I talk about it with people, but I'm afraid of going into therapy because I don't want to get judged. Not just by the counselor but my family as well. My family is very religious where as I am not because of Thanatophobia, and if they found out that I went to therapy for this they might judge me. What triggered my DPDR was this panic attack(and I've never had one this scary before) I had from Thanatophobia, and yes now I've started to obsess with the concept of death because of it and I get anxiety on just the topic alone. I've tried talking to my boyfriend about it and while he is supportive he also strays away from the topic because he thinks it's too depressing and then I don't have anyone to really talk to about it. But as where yours is someone close to you dying mine is myself dying (because of the unknown of what's going to come after death) and when I have my panic attacks they cause me to feel like I don't exist which scares me even more.
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I know exactly what you are saying ..its like going deep thinking about the life and how it will end so fast without knowing where you are going ..then the panic attack hit you so hard .. i was dealing with the same thing before i get dp
Yes! This is exactly what happens to me and it scares me and I get extremely bad anxiety from it.
Yep - every day, all the time. I can't cope with the thought so my dp/dr gets worse and can feel panicky. Also constantly worrying about aging. Never really had it before dp/dr.
Yup, it makes me really depressed too.
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