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Its amazing to find others that suffer from similar states. I'd be so grateful if anyone that relates to my story could get in touch.
Symptoms started with myself after a childhood of not having my feelings met and feeling like I had to always mould my self and my actions around making sure tha none of my family would get upset. This was especially true around my mother. So life was pretty lonely and I felt there wasn't much acceptance in school or at home. I began to question myself so much because I thought , well, I don't have anyone really telling me youre ok except this little voice inside me that was angry at all this injustice. After finding myself in abusive situation after abusive situation, I think that is what sent me into this dream world. I cared so little for myself that I was almost trying to make myself vanish or just have other people treat me anyway they wanted in order to make everything grand again.
The feeling of dreaminess has been in the past pretty unbearable and I have felt like I was wasting my life away with a frozen heart and a lack of connection with anything and often anyone. Now, I'm taking the road of embracing the problem because really now I see there as not being any choice. I knew someone once that believed he had already died and this was the afterlife. Its in the last while that I relate so much to what he was talking about. Now the task is to bring myself alive again and I have great hope that this is possible. We may all be closer than we think.
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