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does anyone know how to get your personality back?

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i feel like when people talk to me i just give the yes and no answers, nothing else seems to pop up in my head, i use to make everything goofy and always use to try to make people laugh

now i just answer questions, like i feel very dull

i wish my funny-ness would pop back up in my head

anyone know how i can get over this hump

any vitamins?

pls help

thank u guys
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Yeah, i used to have that problem too. I also had this thing where i knew an emotion was there but i couldnt really FEEL it, ya know? Like say, i was laughing but not really feeling that joy. You will get it back as you go through the stages and process of recovery though. Unfortunately that takes alot of time and other layers of distressful sensations as you power through it but it WILL come back just like everything else will, itll just take time and pushing yourself to go out and experiance life, even if you cant feel connected or present with anything.
thank u for that
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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