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So I was thinking back to my pot smoking days of the 90's up through 2006 or so when I quit entirely.. Way back then, in most of the United States, except for perhaps the west coast, the vast majority of the commercially available pot was either brick weed from Mexico, South America, Jamaica, etc. or hydroponic weed from massive grows in Canada, known popularly as "beaster buds"... Beaster buds was a play on the term "BC Buds" or weed grown in massive quantities in British Columbia, Canada. Usually, the worst of this pot would all taste the same, smell like chemicals or hay, and would give the user a short but intense high.

It wasn't really until I started smoking Beasters regularly that I started gaining sensitivity or a lower tolerance to all weed, but in hindsight I think this was my DR developing, but being masked because I was high all the time.

I consumed large amounts of high grade pot, but of the natural, organic variety as well before that, plus a lot of the Mexi brick stuff, but never had the slightest problem from that. It wasn't until I started consuming that over fertilized, chemically grown stuff that all smelled like hay that my problems with dissociation started.

I am wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this.
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