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Yes! It's nice to know that somebody else gets the same reaction. Whenever I watch a scary movie I usually have some if not all of the symptoms of DR afterwards. I LOOOVE scary movies, but hate the after effects of them. My mind races more than usual, and I'm hypervigialent. Of course.. this scares me and triggers me into derealization.

I sometimes feel this after a deep conversation (it has to be one where I've completely zoned out to the rest of the world and be completely absorbed). When I leave the conversation I feel as though I am imagining my surroundings as if my mind has drifted away from the conversation and I am now day dreaming whatever I am doing afterwards. Of course I KNOW that this is not the case, and I have physically left the person I was having a conversation with. It scares me because I feel that if I were to snap out of this fake day dream, that I will be disrespecting the person who I was talking to previously.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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