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Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone else gets this, and if so, what you might do to deal with it best...

Whenever I watch a movie, I react so very deeply to what I am watching. It is hard to explain in words, especially in text, but it is as if my senses are still very attached to the sounds and visuals of the movie (or tv show) that I just watched. I have a difficult time getting the characters out of my head. So much so, that I have to really concentrate on what I am doing or who I am talking to, after the show has ended. This can last anywhere from 5 or 10 minutes, to a couple of hours.

This sometimes happens when I am with people or in a deep conversation. After I leave it (especially if I leave abruptly) my brain feels like I am still in the conversation, and i have to strongly concentrate on where I am at and what I am doing in order to try and 'snap' myself out of it.

I cannot watch scary movies!!! EVER. I feel very "surrounded" by the thoughts and energies of the movies I watch, so NO scary or thriller type of movies whatsoever.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be really appreciated on this one!! Thanks everyone!!
Isn't that the whole point of scary movies?

Everyone shits themselves when they are truly scared by a movie. I used to avoid scary or psychologically twisted movies but I just said Fuck it and watched them anyways, quite enjoyed them and didn't freak out. Even watched memento the other day, sick movie.

I bet pre dp you got scared as hell by movies, I did, I even slept with the light on sometimes when I saw something that really scared me. We just didn't have DP to attach everything to.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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