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I've had shortness of breath all my life. As well as recurrent sleep apnea. Recently a coworker recommended "cordyceps" as a supplement for helping respiration. It works wonders, I take it every day. I take it in the morning and also just before sleep. Now I don't have any sleep apnea and I wake up very refreshed, where before I would wake up with very low energy, more tired than before going to sleep. You can get cordyceps at health food stores. I recommend the brand "Host Defense"... there's also a particular "Host Defense - Breathe" that has cordyceps along with other ingredients, I haven't tried that. But that's because the Cordyceps already works for me. The cashier at the store was telling me that she also uses it and it got her blood oxygen level up to 98%. It can be found in Capsule form or even some powder that you can add to a shake in the morning.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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