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Does anyone have links to studies/research

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I have heard a lot about doctors experimenting with dp/dr and seeing what triggers/ what could be a possible lead in a cure.

Does anyone have any links to the articles on the internet or any like any interesting information instead of what dp/dr mean.

Anyway thanks again for the time,

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Check the Links Section on this site for a lot of good info. As noted the IoP site has tons of articles. Click on the "articles" section and you'll find tons of stuff.
The therapy involved helping the patients re-interpret their symptoms in a non-threatening way as well as reducing avoidances, safety behaviors and symptom monitoring.
I wish I had CBT and DBT 30 years ago. I firmly believe that a severe inability to cope as a young girl exacerbated my symptoms, conditioned me to have literal knee-jerk DP/DR reactions, and subsequently resulted in 30 years of chronic 24/7 DP/DR to this day.

I needed help when I was 6 years old. I didn't get really good help from a therapist until I was in college.

A lifetime of being told "you are incurable", by my mother, certainly didn't help matters. I may very well STILL have DP despite that, but I'm certain, my lack of coping and my hopelessness from her verbal abuse made this worse.

On the other hand that may be hogwash, but I have found good talk therapy that is encouraging, and CBT/DBT, most helpful. Also, time and perspective. Meds have also brought dramatic relief at times I was ready to give up.

Some people do not respond to medications at all. I know one such person personally. NOT AT ALL, not even side effects. He has also had little luck with therapy.

We are all unique.

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1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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