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Well, psychosis is a symptom and schizophrenia is a disease which features psychotic symptoms. Psychotic symptoms include sensory experiences of things that do not exist and/or beliefs with no basis in reality.

You don't sound delusional to me. You're not hearing voices. You don't feel bugs crawling under your skin.

I experienced damaging temporal lobe seizures which segued into an affective disorder of major depression. I have gone sleepless for over 50 days.. I have lost 30lbs

or more during depressive episodes. I have had racing thoughts, impulsive thoughts, suggestive thoughts, and I have been so sick I couldn't bathe or take care of myself properly.

Yes, there was dp/dr also. I covered a lot of territory with my psychiatric symptoms, but I was never psychotic. And, I never learned anything from 4 psychiatrists and 6 or more therapists and

2 neurologists over 40 years of inappropriate treatment.

Ultimately, I relied on myself to investigate and research my illness and I found my answers in a British Neurological journal which explained the epileptic origins of my mental illness.

A rare and difficult to diagnose epileptic syndrome, whose worst case scenario is when the patient's post ictal psychosis segue into an affective disorder of major depression.

That's me! And, it was a very rough period but I do not feel I succumbed to psychosis. I trusted my intellect when that was all I had to guide me.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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