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Does anyone have a tip for some sort of relief?

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Hi guys!

Hopefully im making this thread in the right place, sorry if it's not! So.. I've had dp constantly for soon a complete year, latly i've gotten dr aswell and it's getting worse every week i think :S I wanted to ask you guys if there is anything that legit gives some sort of relief, Alcohol dosen't do anything for me, it just makes everything worse. Like theres honestly nothing that gives you relief haha >.< It's funny in a way, so sad aswell.

I've thought quite abit about mdma, dmt, lsd, shrooms & cocaine/amphetamine. Leaning mostly towards mdma or dmt but not as a temporarly relief, rather for a permanent fix but it's scary, it could fuck it all up even more.. Have anyone of you had any positive experience with theese sorts of drugs, or any other aswell?

Im not really typing anything good here but if you have any tips for relief please give them, but only if you have something that legit works in some way, thank's alot!

Hope you all are doing good :)
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