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What I mean by that is for a while now since I was small when I go to sleep sometimes I feel as though I travel to different places. I can see different people go to places but it's kind of confusing really very blurred. Maybe dreams but I can literally feel myself floating out. I was reading about astral projection reading about how other people feel their souls leave their body at night which I'm not even sure if i believe in that stuff but it's terrifying I always wake up scared not wanting to go back I fear death because from what I've experience during nighttime if that's where souls go just random locations in a confused haze I don't even know.

I have had dp and dr all my life sometimes I feel certain things like I'm being watched I'm sorry if this is the wrong place for these things but I can relate more to the dp and dr community.

I never feel connected to this body to this life everyone around me seems so fake not real as I type this I feel like someone's Else's hands

I'm thinking maybe this is more of a spirtural thing than a mental thing the way that I feel sometimes like there's more than one presence around me. The way my soul leaves my body at night and feels floaty during the day.

This is scary and I'm scared to sleep I'm scared of this feeling but at the same time it has been so long that I've numb the feeling?

I've been on websites where
People call this a gift.
I don't think it's a gift to feel this way if spirits are real and if my soul really travels out my body then I want to give this "gift" back.

Im sorry if this is wrong again I new to this website and would be great if other people understood thanks for reading.

And yes I see therapist but she doesn't understand dp\dr

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If possible, it's worth considering a change of therapist, to one who has a better knowledge of DP.

Out-of body-experiences are quite common. Some cultures consider them to have spiritual significance, which is why many people practice specific meditation techniques to induce the dissociative state in which they occur.

Although part of my cultural heritage would lead me to take the spiritual approach, I find the scientific approach more comforting. Scientists have triggered these experiences by stimulating a region of the brain called the right angular gyrus

Given that you experience this during the sleep cycle, it's worth researching hypnagogia

I won't go into details but sensory deprivation and sensory overload contribute to my out-body-experiences, which makes the transition phase between episodes of DP and normal functioning very difficult.
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