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Does anyone else have an inner restlessness?

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The closest diagnosis term i've read that I can relate to is Akathisia. It's like your body is tired and wants to rest but you can't get 100% comfortable. Like you need to keep moving, but when you get up and move around then you just want to lay down again. When I'm having this feeling at it's worst, the blank mind feeling is at it's peak. It's doesn't even necessarily feel like anxiety, just restlessness and agitation. Anhedonia is at it's peak during this too. The only thing that been able to help is clomipramine, melatonin, forcing myself to exercise even when i'm weak, and making sure I get enough sleep. It's not bad all the time and a lot of times I can be blank but still comfortable laying down, playing video games or working on music on my computer.

Anyways, can anyone else relate? I've had this ever since I withdrew from Klonopin four years ago. I took Hydroxizine for the first time last night and the restlessness is REALLY bad today.
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I had that when on psychotropic drugs in hospital. It can be complete torture. DId you say it started when you withdrew from Klonopin and has been there ever since? That's terrifying. I always believed it would go away shortly after coming off a drug. I really really hope you find a solution for this.
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