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LOL :D funny post man. I can sympathize. I feel like shouting every other day and night. I do most of that in my head.

I should do it more often too. I have a short fuze for anyone who pisses me off and I flip out like a ninja

thus speaking my mind direct which can have multiple effects damaging to the person in my way aswell as their poor ears.

Have you ever beaten anyone with a pair of slippers ? ( i'm just kidding )

Which is why I vent inside my head more instead. *Deep Breath* I try to remain as calm as possible these days.

Sometimes you just got to let it all go though let it all out.

I doubt you will get tech support for DP or Anxiety. We havent quite caught up with Neo and the gang from The Matrix yet.

I've shouted shit out in my actual dreams and woken myself up due to throwing swear words around and just laughed when i've woken up

because I was lucid dreaming and remember every last detail of the dream and why I was swearing and who I was swearing at.

They deserved it too :p

I assume that you are referring to the dreamlike states that DP/DR bring ? if so shout out all you like. I mean who wouldnt in these states ?

it might not bring you tech support to the rescue but it could get some unwanted tension off your chest :) This I know!

Now wheres that fucking Tech Support i've been waiting a hundred years and still no joy :D

So yeah. I feel like that sometimes.
Man someone understands at least, this self created nightmare we caused our self makes you don't believe in hell anymore, hell has no fury like self created torture <_< :)
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