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Does anti-psychotics help only Schizo people?

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I read many things since many days, about dp/dr and schizo... and in other forums they seem to think that it's like the same....

I begin to wonder...

If schizo is in the same track than DP/DR, why anti-psychotics doesn't help dp people? (in many cases it worsen the cloudiness)

If you are helped by a anti-psychotic, are you automaticly schizo? (if youi react to a anti-psychotic and it ease your dp/dr and you (sigh) see more clearly, are you a closeted schizo?

I have to choose a med those days, and I wonder if I should try a new anti-psy like Zyprexa 2,5 mg, just to see how I react. I don't know...

Is it a good idea? Will it do harm?

I also think of Depakote, and Anafranil, of course. But these days I feel more obsessed than ever, and I sleep very soon because I can't tolerate dp feeling at all. I am very afraid and upset of my life.

Thanks for your comments!

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