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I read many things since many days, about dp/dr and schizo... and in other forums they seem to think that it's like the same....

I begin to wonder...

If schizo is in the same track than DP/DR, why anti-psychotics doesn't help dp people? (in many cases it worsen the cloudiness)

If you are helped by a anti-psychotic, are you automaticly schizo? (if youi react to a anti-psychotic and it ease your dp/dr and you (sigh) see more clearly, are you a closeted schizo?

I have to choose a med those days, and I wonder if I should try a new anti-psy like Zyprexa 2,5 mg, just to see how I react. I don't know...

Is it a good idea? Will it do harm?

I also think of Depakote, and Anafranil, of course. But these days I feel more obsessed than ever, and I sleep very soon because I can't tolerate dp feeling at all. I am very afraid and upset of my life.

Thanks for your comments!


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I'm going to say this one more time - NOBODY knows exactly why or how psychiatric meds work. Even the ssri's with their "serotonin reuptake inhibiting" - the researchers can't say for sure WHY that makes people less depressed sometimes (and why it makes people less anxious).

VERY LITTLE IS KNOWN ABOUT THE BRAIN. That's not anybody's "fault" - it's just so unbelievably complex that very very little is actually known about it. and...NOTHING is known about Consciousness (the awareness of Self, the thing we dp'ers suffer over). No doctor, no scientist, nobody nowhere has ANY idea where Conscious self-awareness (the sense of Identity and the feeling of "I" experiencing myself in the moment) is located within the brain. No idea. NONE. The fact that they have no idea is even mentioned many many places within the neurology literature.

YET....we patients continue to ask questions and seek information AS IF all of the above is just not true.

People read the paragraphs above and nod their heads and say "boy, that's interesting....yep, the brain is just so complicated..." but then they're back to asking linear and logical questions the next minute AS IF there are answers.

Here's my real point: We insist on asking questions about areas where NOBODY has any answers. But in the areas where we DO know something, we refuse to use the information!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We DO know:
it helps to keep moving - keep living, keep trying, keep pushing. Get a job or go on an interview. Take classes. GO, DO - act as if you feel more normal. DO NOT indulge in your worst fears and do not try to "take it easy" too much- focus outward - FORCE yourselves to avoid your deepest obsessions and ruminations. When you fall into them, fight with every ounce of strength.

If people would do THAT, they would feel remarkably better.
But instead, they keep seeking OTHER information - newer better mousetraps - looking for answers that do not exist to avoid doing the things they know will work but that they don't want to do.

Why do anti-psychotics work? They don't know. They THINK it has something to do with inhibiting dopamine, and some of the anti-psychotics are also considered major tranquilizers.

But I am telling you my dear, and I am SO are really harming yourself by your fascination with med questions and med trials. I am NOT saying that meds harm people. But the obsessive track you're on, the numerous other boards and forums you visit, comparing yourself to other people (half of whom are probably just inventing themselves on the internet anyway, lol...)'s more than "not helpful" - it is really harmful to you.


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It's a good idea to know what might help/be aware of what is considered a 'wrong med', you might need a med to stabilise out yourself at times but most of the work is done on the inside....You have to really really really push yourself to focus and stay 'in reality'....
It's not a good idea to obsess about meds like Janine said...(be aware of what you might need to stabilise yourself out if things get bad but don't make yourself more wound up)
In my case, an SSRI brought out my seizure condition and I have to be aware of meds in my case and know I'll need meds to surpress my seziures/co-existing neuropsychiatric and I do at times get so wound down into the ground but it's not good to work yourself up....
We all have the frustration of what we might need, what's right, what's wrong....there are so many buts, ifs, maybes...go with what's the right thing for you......but you have to focus up that inner defense mechanism......
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