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do your loved ones ever dismiss you as a nutcase?

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I admit to having a checkered past of meds, shrinks, loony bins, eratic behavior, near breakdown, real breakdowns; that I have DP/DR 24/7, but... I am still a cognizant, and to a surprising degree, rational human being, who has a clear awareness of her emotional world and psyche. Particularly so, I would say, in the last 10 years or so.

So why is it that the people in my life whom I'm close to feel free to withdraw from up their sleeve the all-purpose "you're crazy" dagger whenever it suits them? That they accuse me of not knowing what I'm talking about, being delusional, needing a lobotomy or something? Yes, I'm out of touch with reality, but not in that way.

If I have a disagreement with someone close to me, it really, really hurts me when, as a last resort, they accuse me either of not knowing what my feelings really are, or of being irrational/ unstable in general, and just like that I'm dismissed. This seems consummately unfair, particularly in cases where it was my overall eccentricity that they claimed to like about me in the first place. :(

I would never write someone off as a nutcase even if I knew for a fact that they WERE a nutcase. It's important to give people the benefit of the doubt, you know?
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yea i get this as well. mostly friends, my brother doesn't want nothing to do with it. he says there's nothing wrong with you and kinda withdraws from the whole thing. sometimes my friend will call me a nut or whatever but he kids a lot. i know he doesn't mean it, but it can still bother me. i would like to see them try feeling the way i feel just for a little bit.
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