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Do you think my Cortisol levels directly linked to DP?

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I've researched many cases, but people don't show my constant levels when it comes to Cortisol that i've met here. I wonder if MY Dp is literally because as the picture i've included, I produce way too much cortisol all the time?

Subtextual on reddit who is a Board Certified Neuropsychologist - ABPP/ABPdN explains it DP and Cortisol ( )

"there are a bunch of ways the cortisol production system could be dysfunctional in individuals who experience chronic depersonalization. They might produce too much cortisol all the time, or they might produce too much in response to a stressor, or they might have trouble "turning off" cortisol once the stressor is gone, or getting rid of the excess cortisol in the brain after a stressor has passed. Or other parts of the system could go wrong.

There are conflicting data on the relationship between depersonalisation and cortisol levels, with two studies (Morozova et al, 2000; Stanton et al, 2001) reporting low salivary cortisol, but another (Simeon et al, 2001a) finding raised plasma cortisol.

I already know from tests I have HPA dysfunction.

"The HPA-axis; hypothalamus --> pituitary --> adrenal to release a bunch of hormones, including cortisol. The release of these hormones causes the fight-or-flight reaction people get in response to a stressor. For example, adrenaline, another hormone released in this process, elevates your heart rate and blood pressure." <--- Picture of my Cortisol

As you can see, i'm not a little off the chart, i'm way off it, all the time as noted by specialists who have never seen such results. I'm thinking this might be the cause of my DP, thoughts?
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Hmmm. I totally get what you are saying, I just don't think my case is frontal lobes firing the Cortisol..

Yeah I thought it was great that someone else seemed to have in depth researched it in a medical sense, must have been interested in the subject.

See I know I'm kinda asking the question again, but i've seen specialists from Endocrinologists to Neurologists, to St Marys who all agree, my level of Cortisol isn't from DP.

To them the issue is Cortisol but not my adrenal glands. I told my doctor in St.Marys if he knew DP and he said yes, that he was part of Kings College's research (very famous doctor) and he told me that at these levels, it's not DP causing it. Which kinda seems to think he see's it the other way round in my case, Cortisol causing DP or at least this level of Cortisol is not normal in DP.

4x too much Cortisol, shown at 5pm on that picture is extremely rare. My Endocrinologists told me that result would not be sensitive enough to show spikes of anxiety, they also did a 24 hour urine one that was over too, all day. St Mary's suspect "Cushings Syndrome" (20 out of 1 million) based on how high them results are.

I also don't know anyone with DP who is STIMULATED 24/7 like me, to the point i'm jacked up. They thought it was Mania for ages...when I "just had DP" I was not stimulated with tremors, dilated eyes, didn't sleep for days and days, now i'm more roided up than a bouncer.
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