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After a year of DP I almsot don't have it. Heck, sometimes I can't even tell the difference. When all of this staryed, I remmeberedy sleep pattern was really poor.

I would wake up frequently in the middle of the night and do a lot of late hour wen surfing, only to wake up really early to go to work.

I did this seemingly "normal" routine for years!

Thinking that it wouldn't have any effect on me other than just being tired, I continued with this trend all the way to my late 20's.

Thinking back, as a child I had many sleepless nights, my parents divorce and the trauma that I endured as a child may have triggered the potential to this autnomic response.

As children we often do not have the same fight or flight response as adults, but there is a third one. When we can't outrun something nor fight it, we "freeze". In this state of shock and confusion, most kids disassociate from the external world.

This is actually a safety switch your brain uses when outside forces are to stressful or overwhelming to handle.

When triggered during adolescence, it can raise the possibility of it happening again as an adult.

Usually kids that go through this srage of dissaciation develop poor emotional skills -- not a lack of empathy, but a lack of self-awarenes to ones own emotions.

This, interestngly, has been shwon to be present in bipolarism, add and OCD.

So, do you sleep well. Ever since I started my new job, I'm forced to go to bed early and get up early. Within a week of doing that, my DP has gone down a lot.

Poor sleep can cause an increase in stress hromoesn as well as anxiety, this in turn becomes a cycle, since anxiety and too much stress affects your sleep, vice versa.
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