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Do you retreat?

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Just wondered, I find it really hard talking to people either one to one or on the phone when I have dp, because its so hard to find anything to say and everything seems false, I also have no sense of urgency or care for returning phone calls or getting back to people, it all seems impossible. I do get round to it, but it is with reluctance and a kind of neutrality. Do others expereince this? I read on another post that one of the symptoms of dp is the loss of a feeling for consequences of ones actions - that is definitely true for me, i lose all idea of a future, I seem to be stuck in an endless, frozen, monotonous, empty presence.
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I'm exactly the same way. I watch the phone ring, I see who it is on the caller ID, knowing they have left me 5 messages already and are probably worried sick, and I still can't manage to pick up the phone. I have completely and totally retreated and isolated myself.
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