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Do you get transient symptom relief from alcohol?

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Do you get transient symptom relief from alcohol? This is from The British Journal of Psychiatry:

'Some [dpdr] patients are able to identify factors that produce a transient change in their condition - artificial light and crowds are often described as exacerbating the symptoms, whereas physical exercise and alcohol may provide some temporary relief'

I haven't had a drop of alcohol since I got ill, but I remember in the beginning, that yes, alcohol gave some transient relief.

As of today artificial light exacerbates my symptoms, crowds too to some extent, and physical exercise gives some relief and alcohol, well, I don't know what effect it'd have now.

Further it says that clonazepam is useful in some patients. I suppose that would have an effect somewhat akin to alcohol. I haven't tried it before. I tried oxazepam for the very first time just this week, but I haven't experience with other benzos except things like a Valium before a spinal tap.
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One of the best things ive ever done long term to enhance my mood levels and also to reduce my anxiety levels was to eliminate alcohol consumption completely 100%....

Yes it used to make me feel alot less DPed when i was drunk (simply because it eliminates anxiety temporarily) The term Dutch Courage comes to mind...But watch out for the following few days or weeks after a night of drinking....Its not nice....

The long term negative effects of alcohol consumption far outweight the short term anxiety free high effects....

My opinion is to avoid at all costs and even more so if you are taking medication.........Alcohol and mental health meds DO NOT mix...
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Ugh alcohol. That was a killer for me for a decade bc it did cause relief. How can I think or process my feelings when I would get so drunk I would black out. I developed a problem with it because of this. Oh, and the next day, panic times 100000.

Klonopin has been something that has provided immense relief for me over the past. Unfortunately, it's something I've had to be on long term which is always frowned upon. I'm going to need to find some more holistic approaches but it's HARD. Good luck and just be smart xxx
Demon alcohol....And those awful blackouts....12 Steps solved this for me...12 Steps also helped me in tons of other areas in my life...Even with DP..

Its such a nice way to live...Not being controlled by a substance....Freedom is what comes into my mind along with the ability to make sensible life choices and decisions...
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