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Do you get transient symptom relief from alcohol?

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Do you get transient symptom relief from alcohol? This is from The British Journal of Psychiatry:

'Some [dpdr] patients are able to identify factors that produce a transient change in their condition - artificial light and crowds are often described as exacerbating the symptoms, whereas physical exercise and alcohol may provide some temporary relief'

I haven't had a drop of alcohol since I got ill, but I remember in the beginning, that yes, alcohol gave some transient relief.

As of today artificial light exacerbates my symptoms, crowds too to some extent, and physical exercise gives some relief and alcohol, well, I don't know what effect it'd have now.

Further it says that clonazepam is useful in some patients. I suppose that would have an effect somewhat akin to alcohol. I haven't tried it before. I tried oxazepam for the very first time just this week, but I haven't experience with other benzos except things like a Valium before a spinal tap.
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For some people this, and for some people that. I've been a moderate drinker on and off throughout my life. I'm off again some 5 months now.

I don't keep score. It has never caused me problems. No DUIs, no wife beating, doesn't make me suicidal, etc. etc.

I agree that alcohol diminishes dp symptoms, as well as many other things. That doesn't make it something to recommend as a treatment.

I have suffered long episodes of major depression with severe insomnia. After not having any real sleep for about 6 weeks, out of desperation

I decided to jog a mile and drink a 6 pak of beer. (as if I were not already tired enough to fall asleep) Not only did I not fall asleep, I was wide awake through the transition of buzz to hangover and

it was not pleasant at all. I wouldn't recommend alcohol as a sleep aid. I stayed employed during my episodes of depression. I had some very bad days at work, but I managed with two

clonazepam tablets in a vial in my pocket. I used Klonopin (clonazepam) so sparingly, that I imagine it had a similar effect that Xanax would

have. I could feel a warmth in my stomach and an easing of my anxiety within brief minutes of ingesting the pill. It helped me finish my day

of work on numerous occasions over the 6 month downward spiral of my depressive episodes. I don't know what I would have done without it.

Discontinuation was never a problem as my depressions were recurrent, and so was the treatment with clonazepam. .5 mg .
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