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Do you experience delusional thinking?

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Do you have delusional beliefs or thoughts?
No, I do not have delusional beliefs or thoughts.3644.44%
Yes, I have delusional beliefs or thoughts.3441.98%
I have in the past had delusional thoughts, but no longer do.1113.58%
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Yep. I've had DP for almost 5 years now. I learned to deal with it. And then last month all of a sudden im freaking out with delusional thinking. Conviced I was finally schizophrenic, I went to a psych. he Prescribed me some anti psych. I was too afraid to take it. Stayed with my usual 50mg of Luvox which really helps my anxiety and depression. So now a month later the delusional stuff has tamed down but my DP has been unbearable. It's been about a week now where the DP has been completely messed up. It's been years since I noticed a significant change in it. I'm really starting to worry about being able to function. What if it gets even worse? I experience NO joy anymore.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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