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Do you ever just know? Deep down in your heart that something is wrong? that something in the world is broken? That you, your self, are broken? I know now, all of you here.. are exactly the same.. the same as me.. We are all one..

I come here with a goal.. a goal to help the world.. I know most and probably all of you at some point in your life, strongly felt like you wanted to change the world.. that's because.. that is your purpose. But some where down the line.. Through media, and social gathering, We all forgot the way.. We all forgot how to live our true lives. Which is why you all might be feeling "fake"... it is not you that is fake.. it is this world.. We have been programmed to believe that this is the way we have to live.. this is just life.. but I say NO!!! this is not the way.. this is not how its suppose to be.. We are free spirits.. flowing with creativity and free will!! We all came here with a purpose.. This is our journey of learning how to let go.. so.. I'm telling you now.. Just let go... It's not hard.. once you close your eyes and breath... turn off your tv. Turn off facebook.. Turn off ALL MEDIA!!! This is the way.. The way to see.. Everyone here...You guys are struggling.. to see what's REAL!! You know.. you have this feeling.. but you're confused inside.. My first post on this site is on the Introduction page I think you all should take a look...

After looking around this site, I realized I was brought here for a reason..I hesitated for too long coming here.. But now I'm here.. It is time we all WAKE UP!! and UNITE!! Because together.. WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD.
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