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Hi just wondering how many of you suffer physical symptoms? For me I have a myriad but mainly, Headache/pressure/ blurred vision/ extreme fatigue/ need sleep often/ nausea/ numb arm/ dizzyness/ and the list goes on. These symptoms are not transient but have been a pretty much 100 % feature since my DP/DR started.

Please could you list any symptoms u experience.


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-feeling faint
-insomnia and constant fatigue
-shakiness and trembling
-cold hands and feet

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My physical symptoms include:

Head Tension/Preassure
Weak Legs
Cold Sweaty Feet

To name a few, :( .

Years ago I used to have frequent headaches, but when the DP got worse they went away. I had anxiety for 15 years, but that went away. This is what I have now:
Sleepiness, have to take frequent naps
Teeth grinding when I sleep. Had to spend $7,000. last year to have them rebuilt.
Immune system problems, but these are under control with high doses of nutrients.
Speech problems; mumbling, nasalness, etc.
Confusion at times.

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I think this is probably one of the most significant and useful polls on this message board. I feel that I did something of a disservice not including a series of questions on the study that relate to the physical symptoms, however this sounds like a great pilot study for an undergraduate student to take on.

Although not a person with DP, I admit that after my experience with substance abuse that I have been to the ER for every sort of pain and they all thought I was a hypochondriac.

My research agenda for graduate school (so I will be much more knowledgable about mechanisms and also have the equipment and funding to do so) is to look at the manefestation of physical symptoms, which have no tangible physical explanation, in patients with DP/DR/HPPD.

I am curious if individuals taking Klonopin, Valium, Ativan, or Xanax find that these substance eliminate their strange pains. Although this class of drugs can help with chronic pain, I can eliminate the horrible head pressure with even .5 mg Klonopin. It this the best treatment for these pains? I do not have an answer. Could use of benzos potentially mask a more serious medical condition, perhaps. However, I do know that my intense body energy buzz, head pressure, side pains, chest pressure, and extreme neck pain (to the point that even touching a muscle on my neck would set me in to tears) can be eliminated with a dose of 1 mg Klonopin daily.

I am very interested in this subject, however I have only so many hours and no money. But, I hope that this post stays active and individuals continue to respond. I could probably draw up a quick study of physical symptoms and allow people to check physical symptoms and severity scores and then collect the data. However, it would take some time and I have to have some sort of life outside of the computer.

All my best to those of you suffering these pains, because I can handle my HPPD (although can't drive at night), but the physical pains are the worse symptoms that I have. I have respect for all of you who experience DP/DR and these pains. My best to all.


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Insomnia because sometimes I just can't turn my brain off, like I am on acid or something :? .

A few days ago I was awake for 3 days with only 4 hours of sleep because of my thoughts.

Insomnia is probably the biggest side effect that I have from my DP/DR symptoms.

I do really feel like I am drugged or something sometimes.
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