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i feel spaced out right now, but have a strange feeling that i felt like this before i got the dp/dr, so it'll get me out of it again.

but i advice not to drink alot of alcohol if you've got dp/dr.

hows everyone doing?
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im in the anxiety-causes-my-dp boat, so alcohol is a delicious method to remedy anxiety temporarily. however, the price is so high. a hangover timewarps me back to the days when i was completely DPed out of my mind and i feel like that all day, no matter day after remedies i use.

for me, the train to intoxication city is out of service until i am 1000 percent done with anxiety/dp/mental games.

for those out there who want to recover, a good starting point is sobriety.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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