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i feel spaced out right now, but have a strange feeling that i felt like this before i got the dp/dr, so it'll get me out of it again.

but i advice not to drink alot of alcohol if you've got dp/dr.

hows everyone doing?
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I am contemplating whether or not to drink right now... it is Friday, I always drink either Friday or Saturday or both.

For me drinking helps me feel more real I guess you could say... I feel alive, no DP. Or maybe I just don't remember the DP. Whatever, it makes me feel good. But the next day it is hell. My DP is worse than before. It didn't used to be like that though. I used to be fine the day after, as fine as I ever am anyway. I blame the increased DP the next day on my old psychiatrist. He used to tell me how alcohol makes anxiety and depression worse after it wears off. And all the sudden it started happening. Or maybe it's just cuz I'm getting old.
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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