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i feel spaced out right now, but have a strange feeling that i felt like this before i got the dp/dr, so it'll get me out of it again.

but i advice not to drink alot of alcohol if you've got dp/dr.

hows everyone doing?
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you drink you feel better,you wake up in the morning feeling like you want to what i do now, stay in and pick the crap out from underneath your toenails
ive actually woken up at 6am wanting my mind to just escape me...ive just run and run as fast as i can around the streets trying to escape my mind.....thats the only way i can describe it,if i do have a drink now i can control the fear but its not nice at all........hope this doesnt sound nuts but thats how its been for me at its worst...i was basically feeling so bad i just wanted to escape the feelings and thoughts
furtherwest said:
im in the anxiety-causes-my-dp boat, so alcohol is a delicious method to remedy anxiety temporarily. however, the price is so high. a hangover timewarps me back to the days when i was completely DPed out of my mind and i feel like that all day, no matter day after remedies i use.

for me, the train to intoxication city is out of service until i am 1000 percent done with anxiety/dp/mental games.

for those out there who want to recover, a good starting point is sobriety.
im in the same boat but sobriety for me is very hard due to the social aspect of drinking
my drinking became increasingly worse and its strange to think that 4 years ago when i wasnt even drinking only on a friday night my doctor said to try and not use booze as i might end up as an alcoholic,i wondered why she said this but shed obviously met hundreds of cases like mine where people ended up on the bottle...
i went from drinking on a friday to friday and saturday and it escalated to me drinking during the week as well,ive never been into the hard stuff but id be drinking around 6 pints of beer a day frame of mind was a bit like

'damn this anxiety how can i alleviate this,right get some cash and hit the pub'

so i would chat and drink and reach the point where i was feeling very calm,but i would also forget alot of things during the day and spend the next day worrying that parts from the previous day were missing,so this would cause me more anxiety on top of a hangover,so what did i do ? yep down the pub to drink until i didnt care again,so id drink more and wake up the next day feeling even more depressed,i got to a point where the pubs wernt even open so i would cycle to the shops to buy a four pack and go to the river and drink these cans until the pub opened....and the dp does indeed get worse mind would drift so far away that when i became aware of my thoughts again i would panic.....the times i drank alot were when i was left alone in the house drinking made me feel like i didnt need anyone so i wasnt freaked out by being alone but one week i hit beer after beer then wine(this was at home)and i awoke in a real state i was so bad an ambulance had to be called out,i was fucked...rock bottom,depressed,completely lost ....
this scared me so i started to attend AA no one made me go but i knew i had to nip it in the bud...and to cut a long story short i never ever drink at home and when i do go out its beer only and its the weakest beer and when ive had enough i now know when to go home,and also i dont have any cravings now for drink but do admit to going bonkers sometimes at the thought of staying in on a weekend,im afraid im the sort of person that does need stimulation from coversation with other human beings and all my friends visit my local so its a meeting point,but my drinking was moderate then it got bad very bad,but waking up without the shakes and the burning arms(through anxiety)and the missing blanks,and the worry of the money ive blown is worth it............christ i would even buy bottles of booze and hide then down the river so when i woke feeling like crap id sneak off down the river and drink a few cans......the drink can creep up on you so be careful,very careful.....
i do still make a pratt of myself though once a week and get drunk but it usually involves me falling over or as in last week falling over and the entire contents of my chicken korma covering me from head to toe

anyway thats my admission

but finding an alternative is very difficult for me,thats the problem
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