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Hey everyone

About two years ago i used to come on this site quite often but i rarely posted stuff. My dp got to a state where i could handle it and i felt like i didn't need to visit any more. This lasted about a year and a half. I went to college for a year and got into university, and THATS where it started again....... im 23 by the way.

I've been at uni since september 2004, and slowly, gradually things have been getting worse. The only thing that stops me feling bad is getting horifically drunk, but the next day its worse, its a horrible loop. It seems like i keep getting other 'symptoms' i.e, a strange 'feeling' in my abdomen, or pains in my kidneys. Naturally i fear the worst, the dp gets worse and i can't concentrate on my uni life. Right now im so spaced out and my left leg and arm feel different to my others......weaker. Im really worrying Is this part of dp??

Im tempted to go to the doctors again, but i know that if i do, ill start down that road again of tests and scans, i can't bear it.

So here i am back on the forums, hoping anyone can give me some advice. Thanks. :)

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The DP/getting better/feeling fine/DP again cycle is very common. You'll be back on track before you know it. In the meantime, getting ridiculously drunk every night is only going to perpetuate feelings of anxiety/distress/depression, which will exasberate the DP. When i was in Uni, i drank almost every night, to the point where i'd have difficulty getting people to go out with because they'd be like, "Jesus, sebastian, it's monday afternoon. I have to get some work done." It's a bit of a roller coaster ride, but really it's part of what the whole Uni experience is all about?

Bottom line is: It will make you feel worse, almost certainly. But if you can realize that it's the alcohol that's doing it and not some form of ethereal mysticism, you'll find that you'll worry a lot less about it. I actually always found comfort in the fact that, while i felt really bad, i could at least have something to attribute it to (the alcohol). All that being said, just do what you feel is right. It really isn't the smartest thing to drink every night anyway. Maybe finding another activity to focus yourself on which doesn't involve the masacre of brain cells, might be an alternative way of keeping your mind off the dp.

As far as your other physical is too difficult to say without knowing more about them. But all kinds of things sprout out of anxiety, including physical ailments. If you think, truly, that something physical might be the problem, by all means, go see a doctor. But if you've already been there with these problems and are just going again because you don't know what else to do, then don't bother.

In any case, good luck.


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thanx for your advice, i think once all my uni work is finished i'll go visit the docs just to clear my mind that its not a physical problem. Hope i don't go crazy in the mean time!!

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