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I've been trying to find out if I have derealization for a while now, when I asked my therapist a couple of years ago she was a bit confused as to what it is, she never helped me understand my panic either.

It's the feeling I get right before I have a panic attack, like my mind wasn't really thinking sharply at all, then all of the sudden everything becomes really clear and everything feels odd, different and strange, which feeds the anxiety and then I panic about feeling fake and unreal on an unreal planet. It's like I wake up and I'm wondering where I am, but I know where I am, I feel like I need to question who I am like I changed and am not me, but I should be the same person, in a split second I feel like all my emotions and feelings are halted and I feel like a person that doesn't exist. And I feel like I could be fading into another dimension, or disappear completely.

Maybe my severe social anxiety is the cause, but I'd like to know if I have derealization. I have it when I don't have anxiety too, and fluorescent lights really make it worse.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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