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Do I have feelings? | Anyone else?

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Does anyone else not feel intouch with their feelings?

Like I cant feel excited or happy or content with anything and even when I cry and dont really feel anything?

It feels like my body is crying but IM not crying.

I just feel numb, I cant think of a reason to live really, but I try.

This morning I had an episode of almost complete numbness where I couldnt answer my parents when they talked to me, they waved at my face but I just didnt speak out. Its like I couldnt, I didnt see a point in it or something.

anyone else can relate?
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It sounds like pretty classic symptoms, so I'm sure many will relate.

I do think that processes can and do still happen even when we don't feel connected to them though, so it may be good to allow your body to cry despite not feeling like it is you crying. You might get to a point where you release enough tension that way to start feeling more connected.
I think that when trying to reach a resolution of emotional issues, whether we are crying or calmly observing, you do have to guide yourself towards it, and you can do this with inner dialogue and self-talk. Often when we are stuck we are not actually giving ourselves any direction, just endlessly blaming ourselves. Shame and self-reproach can be the biggest obstacle.

If a friend was in the same predicament and said the things we might typically say to ourselves, we would know to gently correct them over issues like taking way too much responsibility for things that were likely out of their control, or believing themselves to be a terrible person when we know that not to be the case, yet we can be merciless with ourselves. People and events can make us feel so bad we fear awful consequences, but that doesn't mean we are bad or that anything bad is going to happen. So if you use your self-talk in a wholly supportive and constructive way it can direct you towards resolution. It is a long process and takes time and persistence, but changes can and do happen as this style of thinking is established and becomes subconscious and automatic.
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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