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I have struggled with DP/DR going on 2 years now from weed induced panic attack, as of a couple months ago i had considered myself around 70-75% recovered until i had a full fledge panic attack that sent me exactly back to square one ..
*NOTE* Panic attacks are not common at all for me and never had them in my daily life until the Weed induced one so im thinking this panic attack is the reason im back to square one so anyone new reading this, DONT think that having a panic attack will make you relapse, as i said panic attacks are super rare for me which is why i think it had such a huge impact.

anyways.. the more ive thought about it recently, im not even sure if i even have DP and if its just more full fledge DR.

I know they are somewhat same sides of the coin but im going to list my symptoms and if you guys could provide me feedback on which you think it is.

since i had a panic attack a couple months ago and consider myself back at square one, the symptoms this go around are still the same as the first and as follow:

- Nothing seems real at all like i am in a movie.

- Any and all objects inside places or outside in nature seem super fake

- Constantly reality testing, asking myself if this or this seems real.

- People look and seem like robots to me.

- Literally nothing makes sense to me, life doesnt make sense, reality doesnt make sense, our brains dont make sense

- Just feel like im high 24/7 even though i havent been high since i got this 2 years ago thats just how i compare it

- Just like im suuuuuper spaced out, like things that are happening are animated

- Just seems like life and reality is completely different than what i once knew

- Dont even remember what it feels like to feel normal

- Looking down at my body, my body parts dont really seem a weird size or detached they just dont seem real to me. (although if i really did think about it long enough i could feel like im just my eyes trapped inside my body. but thats only if i sit here and think about it)

- I still have emotions kinda, but i feel so out of touch with them and self/internal reflecting is terrifying to me.

- If i look at someone face long enough they start to seem less and less real to me especially if i look them in the eyes for too long.

- Persistent existential thoughts (what is life, why are we here, how do thoughts/memories work)

- When i look in the mirror i know its me im looking at but it just is super weird to me and i dont look real at all

Also.. for those of you who do think it is DR, do you think my recovery process will still be the same as most of you with DP? I know you might say "recover as you did the first time" but i dont even really know how i started to recover the first time because 2 years ago when this happened, i knew it was DP/DR but i never visited this site or forums and tried to keep all research to a minimum which is now my biggest problem.. :/ i was on prozac for a little bit the first go around which i feel like gave me a huge jump then i moved into a house with all my friends and didnt look back which i assume is what got me to the 70-75% mark. (The 30% i was lacking was because i still had the habit of reality testing, and thinking about my symptoms. Not every second of every day, but still a few times a day i would say)

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I had a big weed induced panic attack when I was 17. At least, that's what I thought. 40 years later, I would come to realize they weren't panic attacks at all!

I was suffering from a rare epileptic syndrome which featured focal temporal lobe seizures and major depression. It's all very confusing, but an

EEG established the pathology in my temporal lobe which was consistent in a person with a history of epileptic seizures. That test sorted me out.

Do you know the difference between a focal temporal lobe seizure, and a panic attack? Well, neither do your doctors.

Unless you have 40 years to burn, I would invest in an EEG. That's the only way to be sure of what you are dealing with.

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I would say it's mostly DR. It can be hard to tell sometimes, but that symptom of body part feeling detached is a part of DP, but the symptom you do have where they just don't seem real is a part of DR.

Existential thoughts can be a part of both DP and DR, at least it was for me.

Lack of emotions is probably a part of both as well.

As for the symptom of not feeling connected to your reflection, I really don't know. I had that one for years even after I thought my DR was gone.

For some people all they have to do is try to move on with their lives and do their best to forget about it to recover. Distraction, patience, getting rid of existential thinking and keeping your stress/anxiety low seems to work for them.
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