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do i belong here?

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hello there. im not sure if i am suffering from dpdr. this all happened about two years ago. I was given a pill called trazodone to sleep. i didnt know it was an antidepressant, i took it because i was trusting and niave. anyways, a few days after taking that pill, i ended up smoking weed. ive never felt so high. it sent me into a panic attack, i was extremely anxious thinking i was going to die. after this panic attack, i was no longer anxious, i was no longer scared, i no longer felt tired, my emotions were gone, i had no drive in life anymore. my sex drive has dropped, i dont get that euphoric feeling from orgasming anymore, when i smoke weed, it just makes me extremely anxious, i used to have insane ocd, now my ocd disappeared. im not sure if this is dpdr, but would love some experienced dpdr people to chime in, thanks.
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