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Do anyone feel like an old person with dementia?

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I've been having DPDR for over a year now. It's makes my life a living hell..
Started with the basic 'dreamlike state', blurry vision, concentrational problems, distrupted feeling of time, brainfog, no thoughts, robotpilot etc.. I still have them all, and also terrible memory. This is by far the worst symptom of mine. I started feeling like an old person who has dementia. Feeling dumb as hell sometimes, forgetting things constatly, mixing up names sometimes (not names of firends or loved ones.. YET)
Also I'm an extreme hopochonder. I'm constantly anxoius and paniced about my mental health, which makes my whole dpdr experience even worse.
Can anyone relate? Is there someone who were feeling like if they had dementia and losing their cognitive skills, but recovered?
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Oh definitely. What you are describing is heavy brain fog, one of the symptoms of dpdr. Its a very common symptom of anxiety and stress in general. For us with dpdr it can be so bad, you think your brain is withering away. Dementia is a very common fear due to this, but I assure you its not it.. I think it caused by our brains being overworked from the anxiety and rumination of dp/dr.

I find keeping my brain well-nourished with a healthy diet and plenty of sleep helps with this symptom. I also take a high quality magnesium and omega 3 fish oil supplement.
I try to tell myself when it is bad that I should not focus on the symptoms and think about dp/dr so much in this state, because I am not thinking clearly. It causes further distress when you are thinking about dp/dr in this state cause you feel stupid and like you can't think logically, but that is not true. Its just brain fog that everyone can feel sometimes when they are very tired/anxious/stressed.
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Thank you Samzone!
I mostly agree with what you wrote. But in last part you said that it’s just a brain fog that everyone can feel sometimes. I assure you it’s not! In my 25 years I’ve been tired before, ancoius before, stressed before, but I have never felt anything like this. Sometimes it’s so bad I’m thinking that I would easily trade my left arm for a life without dpdr, if I could.
And the sad thing is that I can not stop thinking about symptoms, it’s 24/7. Maybe its a starting OCD.
I think it comes down to severity. Most people have experienced brain fog to a degree but not many experienced brain fog so heavily as us. That is because dp/dr is based on extremely high anxiety, our brain fog can be so bad, it feels like you are drunk or on drugs.

OCD is very common for us as well. It is the reason dp/dr wont go away after it was triggered. The symptoms from dp/dr gives you ocd obsessions and that is what keeps the anxiety going and therefore keeps us trapped in dp\dr state.

I have always been prone to OCD anxiety since I was a child. The first time I got dp/dr was the first time I tried smoking weed and got a panic attack. It was the worst dpdr I ever experienced but the day after, when the drugs went away, I was normal again. I was fine because I did not focus on the symptoms. I thought it was all caused by the drugs, so I had faith that it would go away when the drugs left my system and it did!

Fast forward 1 year later, I got a panic attack while traveling. I get the exact same dp/dr feeling and now I’m terrified of the symptoms. I cant understand why I get the same experience as when I was on drugs 1 year ago and i never touched any drugs since that! I begin obsessing about the symptoms and now I’m stuck in the shit. The 2 week trip is ruined for me and I only start getting better after I get home.

From my experience, the only way to get out is to break the circle. The dp/dr will stay as long as you are afraid of it. What got me out was improving my life and giving myself confidence that I do not need to think about this or be afraid. The weird thinking and sensations and brainfog are all symptoms of dp/dr and you do not need to think about it. Do the things you are afraid of doing but want/need to do. learn something new. Start exercising. Meet new people. Start a hobby. Anything that challenges yourself and your anxiety, I promise it will help. Good luck.
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