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Do anyone feel like an old person with dementia?

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I've been having DPDR for over a year now. It's makes my life a living hell..
Started with the basic 'dreamlike state', blurry vision, concentrational problems, distrupted feeling of time, brainfog, no thoughts, robotpilot etc.. I still have them all, and also terrible memory. This is by far the worst symptom of mine. I started feeling like an old person who has dementia. Feeling dumb as hell sometimes, forgetting things constatly, mixing up names sometimes (not names of firends or loved ones.. YET)
Also I'm an extreme hopochonder. I'm constantly anxoius and paniced about my mental health, which makes my whole dpdr experience even worse.
Can anyone relate? Is there someone who were feeling like if they had dementia and losing their cognitive skills, but recovered?
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I am so happy to see that I am not the only one who can easily obsess that I must have dementia. I am too old yet this will not go away
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