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Anybody else really dizzy all the time? It makes me sick. Like I get dizzy because the world looks so weird and big. And then my derealization gets worse because I'm scared because I dizzy. :(
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I'm dizzy every day but I have Menieres disease, an inner ear disorder caused by a virus. What other symptoms do you have ? If nothing else, then I would say you have high anxiety which causes dizziness. If you have ringing in your ear, balance issues, vertigo, that's another story.
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Any meds can cause dizziness
I'm on so many supplements right now and antivirals to suppress the virus, some days I'm not sure if it's Menieres or the meds/supplements. Try to taper off with your DR advice. Your may feel quite a bit better.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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