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Disorientation & Weird Head Feeling

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Hello, i want to share my experience that i never had before, so firstly i got dp from drug use (i think), im 18, i do vape 40 mg nicotine everday, cause it reduces my anxiety, i sleep for 2-5 hours every workday, cause of using the computer so much, so here the story starts, when i go outside and then come back home i feel very disoriented and i don’t know why, i do overthink much, but don’t know if thats the case, secondly the weird head sensation, often starts at night and fades away if i don’t think about it, it feels like something is happening in the back of my head, it really scares me, cause i always think that im having a seizure or smth, the internet scares me the most when i try to diagnose whats happening to me, it makes me feel even worse, i remember i had panick attacks earlier, but now im trying to not think about that head feeling, tho sometimes feels like it doesn’t go away that fast. So yeah, thanks for reading my story, hope i get some advices from you guys, cause it would change my life very much.
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