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Hi there! I consider myself good at conversing with others - but i have an issue where I'll stop talking halfway through a sentence and forget what I was talking about. For example, I was talking about a game that I love and rambling on about it when suddenly I stopped talking and forgot what I said and what I was going to talk about. When I search this up online, i don't really get any useful responses or relatable content - and it usually directs me to schizophrenia (which i DON'T have). its like all my thoughts have suddenly vanished and i'm left there stranded in the middle of a conversation. I think this may be because i'm so distracted by my derealisation and depersonalisation (not professionally diagnosed yet but i'm 110% sure I have DP disorder after dealing with it constantly for more than 2 years). With DP, it can make my speech sound really foreign to me, so hearing myself talk is super distracting. Also, my derealisation tends to make everything really unclear and foggy, like I'm not taking in enough information/dreamlike.

Anyway, it's incredibly annoying and upsetting because it happens so frequently. Is this a result of DP? Do you experience it?

I'm not seeking help, just wondering if any of you experience the same thing!

(this is my first post, sorry if this topic has been covered already.)
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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